Sunday, July 5, 2015

Five Points South

Rolling on an Adventure...

Five Points South, Birmingham is famous for the food, but this bizarre fountain is pretty cool too. This controversial fountain in Birmingham's south side is called "Five Points Fountain" by some, "Storyteller Fountain" by others, but many local church-goers just call this landmark, "The Satanic Fountain."

From the site: The centerpiece of this fountain is a man-figure with the head of a ram. From a nondescript book, he reads to a group of entranced woodland animals as streams of water swirl around their midst. This fountain, created by local artist Frank Fleming, is located in Five Points South, the heart of Birmingham's club district. To the casual observer, the sculptures might appear whimsical, but it's unveiling certainly stirred by a hornet's nest in the belt buckle of the Bible Belt.

An inscription on the fountain reads:
"The Storyteller"
Frank Fleming, artist
Collection of the Birmingham Museum of Art
Storytelling is a deeply rooted southern heritage. The animals are listening to a story intended to convey the idea of a peaceable kingdom.

We made photos.
Naynuh, Sister, Big E, No. 1 Son
Probably not supposed to be standing IN the actual fountain....

If you obey all of the rules, you miss all of the fun. ~Katherine Hepburn

Sibyl Temple

Sibyl Temple, Vestavia Hills, Alabama

This is a really random deal. The path up to the temple is well-lit and easy to walk. They have picnic tables at the top and a fantastic view of the city below. It feels isolated and quiet even though it's right on the main road. There is a clean bathroom (only open in the summer months).

Roadside America

Not sure they meant for us to climb the trees, but it's SOOOO tempting.

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun. ~Randy Pausch 

Color Tunnel

The Color Tunnel at Railroad Park:

Located at 18th Street and Morris Avenue downtown Birmingham, Alabama it's one of the more interesting locations in the city. If you go during the day, you can visit all over the Civil Rights District, eat in a variety of fantastic, wide-price ranged venues, and take photos at dark in the tunnel.  There is a pedestrian area and a vehicle area, but it was empty the night we went. We only saw two or three cars the entire time we were there.

No clue why they are on the car...
 Our Fourth of July fireworks festivities were rained out, so we went here instead. Don't let your circumstances dictate your joy, my friends. You make your own fun.

Naynuh, Kadus, Sister, JU, the No. 1 Son, Big E

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. ~Dr. Seuss

Orr Park 6-7-15

Walking the dog in the park. Perfect day!
Orr Park lies in the middle of Montevallo and is a hidden little gem. It is a preserve on the Shoal Creek and has water access where you can wade, splash, and play to your heart's content. You can take your dog (on a leash), walk on the paved walking trail, play in the fountain, and enjoy the playground. There are also several open meadow areas to lounge on in addition to shaded, wooded areas. There are picnic areas for your lunch.

Orr Park Info
Fall at Orr Park

It's also a photography paradise featuring beautifully carved trees and sculptures.

Summer at Orr Park--you can see the Cahaba River in the background

This is at one of the water features in the park. Kids can play here

They have several places to picnic with covered gazebos